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This the official homepage of Timo’s All-In-One Chinese Anki Deck. It is a collection of 3 decks to help you study Mandarin Chinese more fast and efficient.

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The set contains 3 decks, one for ReadingWriting and Grammar. The decks cover all 6 HSK levels of Chinese proficiency exam. All cards come with Tags for the HSK levels, so that one can easily limit the study to a specific level.


The reading deck consists of the complete HSK level 1 to 6 vocabulary set.

In addition, single character cards were created, if they are not part of the official HSK vocabulary list. For example, the word 打电话 (make a phon call) is followed by three additional cards containing 打 (hit,strike), 电 (electric) and 话 (speech). First, this will help you to truly understand the meaning of this phrase by examining the individual components. Second, being able to recognise the individual characters without the context of the particular phrase is very important when reading Chinese text as phrases and words are often abbreviated.

This gives gives approximately 7000 cards compared to the 5000 of the official HSK wordlist. However, all additional character cards bear the “Character” tag and can be easily suspended if not wanted.

Important Features:

    • Examples Sentences for each word
    • Audio and Images for most of the Words and Sentences
    • Pinyin for Words and Sentences
    • IPA: zuótiān →  [tsuo˧˥.tʰiɛn˥˥]
    • CEDICT translations
    • HanDeDict translations
    • Default Classifiers:  猫 →  (一只) 猫
    • Character Decompositions and Etymology
      椅 (chair, seat

      • 木 (mù) tree; wood, lumber; wooden
      • 奇 (qí) strange, unusual, uncanny, occult


    • Stroke order diagrams for all Characters
    • Template for drawing the characters on screen
    • Character Decompositions and Etymology
    • CEDICT translations
    • HanDeDict translations
    • Hint to Vocabulary Card from Reading section providing an example sentence, image and audio for each character


This deck is based on the great Chinese Grammar Wiki  by John Pasden and has been adapted from the corresponding Memrise Courses by user Ole. It contains nearly 600 Grammar points from level A1-B2, each with an example sentence explaining the use of particular words and phrases.

Note, that these are only example sentences. Many of them might not be easy to understand out of the provided context. Thus, it might be helpful to read the corresponding articles at the Chinese Grammar Wiki first before studying this deck.

How to study Chinese at all?

Need some advice on how to learn Chinese using this Anki deck? Check out the article with my advice on passing HSK 4 in 8 months, even if you learn Chinese only in your free time.

You will see, Anki is only a little part of the big picture, but nevertheless a very important one!


Future Plans

It seems like the vocabulary of the new HSK is not too well aligned with the Frequency Lists of Chinese. Hence, for the future I would like to incorporate a set of the 5000 most common Chinese words extracted from SUBTLEX-CH into this deck. Also, there is another well-made Anki deck containing Chinese Sentences ordered by word frequencies, which could then go along with the 5000 most common words. However, as I’m now learning French until May ’16, work on this deck will be reduced.


Most of the original work for the Reading and Writing section is based on a previous deck shared on the Anki website. Unfortunately, these decks have been removed and it is not known, who was the author of the previous decks. However, I want to thank the person, who compiled the vocabulary list, collected all the example sentences, audio samples and images to create the original version of the deck, which forms the basis if this deck.


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17 thoughts on “Chinese Anki Deck: Timo’s All-In-One Deck

  1. Joan

    Hi. Thanks a lot for the huge amount of work put in this outstanding desk.
    One question, though. I’m using AnkiDroid, And I’m not able to see any stroke order animation. I only get a blank hanzi square.
    Would you please provide some feedback as to how to get this feature in AnkiDroid?
    Thank you very much, and keep it up.

    1. timoho Post author

      I just tried on Anki using my computer and I can see the Stroke Order Diagram perfectly.

      Using AnkiDroid I often get problems syncing all the media, as there are so many files.
      So, likely this is the case for you as well.
      You could try to import the deck on your computer and manually copy the “” folder to your smartphone.

  2. Joan

    Hi! Thanks for your reply.
    I have just found out why AnkiDroid users can´t see any Stroke Order Diagrams.
    For whatever reasons, Ankidroid won´t show any `gif` images, which are the ones used for the stroke order diagrams. Here`s what I did:
    I batch converted all the gif images into jpg images. Then as I went along studing the characters, every time I had a new card, I edited it and I changed the following in the field `StrokeOrderSimplified`: I changed “ to “.
    After this it will always display the Stroke Order Diagrams. So here`s my humble suggestion: Could you re-edit the deck to change the gif to jpg so that all AnkiDroid users could make full use of the feature to study characters? I am absolutely sure it will greatly help into growing the number of users of this superb deck.
    Thanks, thanks a lot for this huge work you have done.

      1. Ivan

        Thanks, What dou you think if I will use your desk for my own chinese project? Maybe create some videos with this desk’s audio or use it in podcasts? I gess I’ll do it anyway, but I’ll feel better with your agree 😉

        1. Timo Horstschäfer Post author

          Of course, for me it’s no problem! But remember that the audio files are not from me, actually. They’re all from the previous deck this one is based on. These in turn are taken from several other sources, as well. But I don’t know, which ones exactly.

  3. Thomas

    I’m unable to download it regardless of whether I’m using wifi or a VPN. Is there a know issue regarding this? I’ve done all the ‘usual things’ that would remedy a problem on my end. Thanks

  4. Martin

    Thank you so much for the great work – it is really amazing!

    I have downloaded the deck but cannot seem to find out how to sort the deck based on HSK level. I am looking to study only for HSK 4. Would it be possible for you to help explain how to sort it? I don’t see any tags for “HSK” level

    Thanks for your help – have a great day.

    Best regards,

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